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What is LeaderKind?

LeaderKind™ is a community of humans leading other humans, always searching for more effective ways to help their teams grow and thrive. We believe that when leaders are humans first and put people first in their decision making, their teams become more effective and better able to take care of their customers. This is where humankind and leadership intersect.

Balancing people needs with business needs is hard, and we help leaders in two ways: through 1:1 coaching and together in peer cohorts to learn from each other and build strategies and practices to lead more effectively.


LeaderKind leaders embody these core values.


They are empathetic.

They strive to understand each person's perspective and unique needs. They care about each member of their team and value them for who they are as people – not employees.


They embrace vulnerability.

They are authentic, sincere and open with others. They share of themselves in helpful ways and set the tone for vulnerability and belonging.


They are flexible.

They recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” for people and adapt to find solutions to team needs. This isn't about where and when people work – it's about everything.

Are you the kind of leader who puts people first to achieve the best business outcomes?

If so, then LeaderKind™ is for you. We are a comfortable, confidential space for leaders to share and learn with a coach or each other. In our customized cohorts, our discussions are driven by scenarios and personas taken from real-life examples, along with personal and company values. During the process, group members develop practical plans to apply the things they've learned in their team leadership. Our 1:1 coaching provides a more personalized and targeted experience.

How We Help Leaders

We believe that leaders learn best together through self-awareness, coaching and collaboration. We use a combination of an assessment + debrief, 1:1 coaching and facilitated leader cohort sessions. We begin with an overview of the fundamentals, then leaders review and discuss relevant, real-life personas and scenarios, applying both people-centered principles and a new decision-making framework.

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Angela Christman has nearly 20 years of people and culture leadership experience and has learned that new approaches to leadership and leadership development are needed. She is known for helping leaders navigate changing employee needs and expectations and building innovative teams to focus on people during periods of high growth, talent shortage, internal shifts in culture due to leadership or ownership transition, and M&A integration. 

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